Fits all 2002-2013 CRF 250 and 450 models

Ironman Rear Sprockets
Ironman Rear Sprockets
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Product Description

If you shred aluminum sprockets, we have the solution! What makes Iroman sprockets so superior to anything sold?

1.For starters, our one-year guarantee. No other sprocket manufacturer will replace your sprocket if it wears out within a year. Ironman will. No questions asked. FYI- The "Sidewinder guarantee" only applies to the rivets of their "new Generation V". They won't replace a worn sprocket.

2.Ironman Sprockets are made of heat treated, nickel/chrome plated, chrome-molly steel that is 2.5 times stronger than stainless steel and 3 times stronger than 7075 aluminum.

3. An Ironman sprocket typically weighs 18 ounces versus 14 ounces for the same name-branded 7075 aluminum. That's a 4 ounce difference. Now compare that to an average of 30 to 40 ounces for a typical stainless steel or "Ti-Moly" sprocket and 25 to 30 ounces for a "Generation V".

4. When you combine our one-year guarantee with our light-weight design and a great price of $109, there is no better choice than a high quality, US-made Ironman Sprocket.

What kind of life can you expect from an Ironman Sprocket?

The following is very typical:

Below is a worn, but very usable rear Ironman sprocket. This sprocket is just at the .025" wear limit. This sprocket has been run for over 1000 hours on a 2002 and 2003 KTM 525. It required two bikes, five O-ring chains, and 31 Dunlop 695 rear tires to wear it out by an expert 220-pound desert/enduro racer who practices and/or races 10 hours per week.

This is typical wear in western desert and mountain conditions. Mud accelerates wear, but our sprockets will still outlast an aluminum Renthal in mud conditions, by 10 to 30 times. From experience, the 1000 hours in the below instance would have easily consumed 30 expensive aluminum sprockets. As most serious riders know, a powerful 450 eats sprockets at about the same rate as rear tires. 30 sprockets at $60 each is a whopping $1800. How much can you save per year with Ironman sprockets? It's probably not far from your yearly rear tire budget.

The sprocket below is a Popular top rated "Hard Anodized" Aluminum Sprocket. It has 16 hours of sand racing/practice on it and is wasted!

CRF 450R stock Gearing 13-48
CRF 250R Stock Gearing 13-51